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FAQ 1 페이지

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Q When will P2E game be released? -+

A The P2E game is scheduled to be released in around Q4 2022 (The exact date will be subject to change depending development progress).

Q Is it impossible to play the game without NFT? -+

A Absolutely not. Users without NFT can play the game.

Q What is the difference between users who own NFT and those who have nothing? -+

A NFT is a single heroic man card which is used only in the game. In the game, its availability could lead to a huge difference and NFT is closely linked to P2E rewards. In addition, users can benefit from other purposes which can be part of PFP project.

Q Up to how many NTFs can heroes use in the game? -+

A Up to five NFT heros can be available in the war. But not all heroes only stand ready for battles. Instead, they can join in various fields for governors such as counselor or instructor. Also, most holders can be continously be rewarded via the mercenery substitute system.

Q How many developers and K3K team members are there? -+

A K3K team consists of seasoned developers with 10 to 20-year work experiences and more than 20 Koreans and foreigners.

Q When can I get some information about P2E? -+

A You can find information in the GAME tab. For further information, you can check after the whitepaper is announced after main sales.

Q Does rare-level NFT fall into team loads? -+

A No rare level is given to K3K team's NFTs. Only ordinary-level cards are included. Rare-level cards are programmed to be given to holders.

Q How is reward from P2E game given to winners? -+

A Our P2E game will be rewarded on a season basis. Top-ranked winners will be incentivized, and ordinary users can received the allocated tokens with daily quest.

Q What are the benefits of holding land? -+

A The benefits of holding land will be detailed in a following whitepaper after main sales.

Q What is Mini game? -+

A The Mini game is a TCG type game where both hero and its counterpart will fight in the format of competition. Even one K3K hero NFT you have can be used. Further details on rewards and making use of it in the main game are under review (to be released in April).

Q Will additional NFTs be issued? -+

A The number of NFTS is fixed to 16,500. When entry barriers are deemed extremely high for extra holders due to sudden rise of DAU, an agreement will be made through consultations with the game community. However, we will fully comply with K3K Genesis NFT's unique value, functions and distinct features issued earlier.

Q Do you have any plan to build presence in overseas markets? -+

A K3K is currently preparing for setting up concrete plans for various overseas marketing with an aim of performing global projects. Global service will be operational in cooperation with Klaytn's global project.

Q What is the total number of NFT to be issued? -+

A A total of 16,500 Hero NFTs will be issued in the format of Genesis. Thus, 165 NFTs will be given per one hero, and there are 10 rare-level NFTs, respectively.

Q Are all the NFTs same except for rare-level among 165 cards? -+

A Not so. Creators draw these parts one by one to make these NFTs. Nothing is identical. There are different types by part and different abilities will be applied and considered in the P2E game. The stat table to be applied in the game by part type will be made public soon.

Q When will the main sales take place? -+

A It will be held on March 26, 2022, Saturday at 10:00 p.m.

Q Could you tell us specifically about P2E game? -+

A Our P2E game falls into SLG genre and also strategic simulation game like mobile game.

Q How many NFTs will be eligible for Hwari status for holders in free sales of land? -+

A One NFT of K3K land white list (confirmed WL) per 10 K3K NFTs

Q How will main sales minting be performed?? -+

A (To be held on March 26, 2022, Saturday at 10:00 p.m.)
1st) 3 cards 500 cards per transaction / (eligible holder)
<Holders with one NFT are eligible>
2nd) 10 cards 7000 cards per transaction / (public)
3rd) 10 cards 3000 cards per transaction / (public)
4th) 10 cards 3000 cards per transaction / (Dutch auction)
<Price will be made public between Mar. 22 and Mar. 23>