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Your choices
will create a
new history.

K3K Three Kingdoms is a Three Kingdoms
simulation game that combines training and strategy.

Become the lord of the Three Kingdoms, build your own advising staff and commanders, and build your nation.
And go forward for the unification of the continent regardless of means and methods such as cooperation, conflict, or force.
Numerous heroes who raced through mainland China will revive as non-fungible digital assets (NFTs) to help you.


Do you find talented advising staff?
Do you find intrepid commanders?

A good monarch needs competent
retainers to do his will.
Only when retainers resurrected with
NFTs are properly combined,
it will be advantageous for territory
management and battle.
Rewards are differentiated according
to rank and victory or defeat in battle,
so please train yourself endlessly.


The history of the three kingdoms
will be written over again!

In K3K, you can create a new history
that is different from the
existing Three Kingdoms.
Now, the future will depend on you.
I hope you will win by solidarity or
confrontation with numerous users.
One who conquers vast lands and ends the
era of rivalry of local barons.
Your history will be a new one.


A good rule requires
competent advising staff.

No matter how capable a monarch is,
he cannot manage a vast continent alone.
Players can receive additional bonuses
for internal affairs and circulation
of various resources depending on the NFT
card they have. This will increase your
efficiency, and furthermore, it will be an
excellent stepping stone to
open up your world.


Can anyone take
my spear?

K3K provides an additional
bonus game for lords with NFT
commanders. Defeat the
brave NFT generals in
1 VS 1 Single Combat!



We believe that gaming will be the most powerful medium.


We will create a world that infinitely connects the moments of
entertainment that fans experience by creating, expanding, and
reinventing unparalleled creative outcomes based on originality,
constant challenge spirit, and our technology.


At the place, we will complete, we will meet with everyone.


Active use of NFTs

K3K (Klay 3 Kingdoms) is a P2E NFT project of the Klaytn
chain that uses 100 hand-drawn Three Kingdoms
commanders, and all NFT commanders are actively used
in K3K games. We intend to use various elements such as
skills, items, and theme-skins in addition to commanders
by using NFTs, with the goal of achieving true harmony
between NFTs and games. Reflecting the characteristics of
NFT, you can play the K3K main game and two mini-games
through one K3K NFT

Excellent Game Performance
Low Barriers to Entry

P2E is a GAME. Only P2E based on solid gameplay can be
called true P2E. K3K provides users with a variety of
strategies and game environments by combining the subject
matter of the Three Kingdoms and the SLG genre. By using a
well-known IP and supporting Free to Play, the previously
difficult barrier to entry for P2E has been reduced. Owning
the NFT allows you to access more content and maximize
your reward efficiency.

Reasonable Burn Model &
Healthy Tokenomics

The Existing GAME IP is not used. All elements of K3K
were planned and constructed from the very beginning
according to the blockchain ecosystem. Toquenomics is
sustainable when it is accompanied by a reasonable and
diverse burn model and an appropriate circulation
structure. It will become a unique Klaytn chain P2E
project with the establishment and implementation of
clear standards for token supply and distribution.

Challenge Circle