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P2E is coming, and it will make you forget E and focus on P! Who will unify the world by pacifying the turbulent times with the heroes?

Cinematic Trailer Coming Soon!

2As the empire declined and the people were agitated at the end of the Later Han Dynasty in the second century, monarchs raised their armies all over the country to save the war-ridden world. However, those who wanted to correct the Han Dynasty were falling into the temptation of ruling-by-force, and the birth of numerous heroes brought about the rivalry between them. The strong gradually conquered the surrounding countries during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, and the triangular battle began to be fought by wily Cao Cao, who conquered the north, virtuous Liu Bei, who united the West Shu, and wise Sun Quan, who ruled Jiangdong. Three monarchs and numerous heroes who followed them fought fiercely to unify the world, but in the end, no one could be on top of the world.

And... two millennia later, here and now, the souls of many regretful heroes who could not unify the world began to awaken again. Who will be the monarch to make their wishes of unification come true in the entirely new time and space realized by blockchain and metaverse? Who will be the ruler to control the world economy holding $K3K in his/her hands? Now, the prelude to the great epic begins!

NFT Non-Fungible Token

Have 165 limited edition NFTs per character and enjoy utilities that include P2E, PFP, and Metaverse.

Attack castles and expand your territory to earn rewards.



K3K Road Map

  • 01Q3~Q4 2021
    CompletedProject Planning & Design CompletedCompletion of Legend Hero NFT Designs CompletedTokenomic Design
  • 02Q1 2022
    CompletedLegend Hero NFT Sale CompletedOfficial Website Launch CompletedCommunity Building
  • 03Q2 2022
    CompletedArtwork NFT Airdrop CompletedItem NFT Airdrop CompletedLand NFT Sale CompletedNFT Projects Partnership CompletedK3K Mini-Game Launch
  • 04Q3 2022
    CompletedNFT Staking System Launch CompletedK3K Guild Building CompletedCommunity Building and Events
  • 05Q4 2022
    CompletedK3K Game Closed Beta Test CompletedWhitepaper Release CompletedToken Generation CompletedContract Audit & TGE Preparation
  • 06Q1 2023
    ON-GOINGLegend Hero NFT Sale ON-GOINGWarrior Random Box Free Mint ON-GOING$K3K Token Sale ON-GOINGMarketing campaign ON-GOINGK3K Game Open Beta Test ON-GOING$K3K Token DEX Listing
  • 07Q2 2023
    ON-GOING$K3K, $TKT Staking for Governance ON-GOING$K3K Token CEX Listing ON-GOINGLand Tax System Update ON-GOINGMercenary Center (Scolarship) System Update ON-GOINGTerritorial War Update ON-GOINGK3K Game v1.0 Official Release
  • 08Q3 2023 ~
    [ Roadmap V2.0 ] ON-GOINGDAO establishment ON-GOINGDapp-Chain Configuration of K3K Own Mainnet ON-GOINGPlan to Join in Earth2 Metaverse ON-GOING$K3K Utility Expansion for Real Life


We are one team.
We look to the future.
We take on bold challenges.
We believe that trust starts with people.


Albert Lee

Team Mega CEO

Operate a Trade & IT company for 10 years
Operate ‘Metaverse TV’ YouTube Channel

Technical Director

David Lee

Team Mega Technical Leader
System design & SW development
for 12 years

Planning Director

Jack Lee

Marketing & Planning
Tokenomics Design

Technical Advisor


Founding member of BaeDalTong
App & Web development for 12 years
Operate a Web Agency Company
for 5 years

P2E Manager

S.H. Moon

20 years of experience in the game industry
Representative of the ‘Gegimo’ community
Grand Prize at the Information and
Communication Ministerial Game
Production Contest
AGC Amateur Game Production
Competition Grand Prize

Chief Producer

S.C. Kang

15 years of experience in the game industry
Netmarble Marvel Future Revolution
Level Design

Dev. Team Leader

S.W. Jung

14 years of experience in the game industry
Main development of screen baseball 'Ace’
Athena development manager

Lead Program

S.J. Choi

20 years of experience in the game industry
Main development of mobile tile hero
Burst Run Main Development


S.H. Kong

GGOONS/Random Monster Defense/AD
Game Art for 9 years



K3K Parts Illustration
Game Art for 3 years



K3K Parts Illustration
Game Art for 2 years


H.S. Jo

K3K Community Manager


J. H. Jeong

2 years of experience in the game industry
- Mobile RPG “First Tactics R” Scenario Writer
- Mobile MMORPG “Devil Book” auxiliary
planning and event planning

Business PM

Jason Lee

20 years of experience in the game
industry ironnos / Astonishia2 PSP Ver. etc
/ general director

AD Team Leader

H. S. Han

10 years of experience in the game industry
- Development 3 Team / AD
Webtoon Artist Award/Activity


J. W. Bae

5 years of experience in the game industry
Bucket Play / Swing Dunk / Artist


S. Ahn

2 years of experience in the game industry
Wenori/VR project/ Programmer


G. H. Jung

BuyDream Graphic


J. H. Sim

BuyDream Planner

Marketing Manager

Nadja Kley

Global marketing & Digital marketing

Marketing Manager
(Asia Pacific)

Dicky Hasanudin

Former NFT community
moderator & Brand consultant

Web Developer

Ake Saputra Hervin Guslika

Crypto Enthusiast
10 years of web development experience


Muhammad Choirul Anas

experience in the game industry
ecosystem advisor

Working with us



The door to K3K is always open.



Business Partnershipklaythreekingdoms@gmail.com

Other Inquiries klaythreekingdoms@gmail.com