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We believe that gaming will be the most powerful medium.


We will create a world that infinitely connects the moments of
entertainment that fans experience by creating, expanding, and
reinventing unparalleled creative outcomes based on originality,
constant challenge spirit, and our technology.


At the place, we will complete, we will meet with everyone.


Active use of NFTs

K3K (K-3Kingdoms) is a P2E NFT project that uses 100 hand-drawn Three Kingdoms commanders, and all NFT commanders are actively used in K3K games. We intend to use various elements such as skills, items, and theme-skins in addition to commanders by using NFTs, with the goal of achieving true harmony between NFTs and games.

Excellent Game Performance
Low Barriers to Entry

P2E is a GAME. Only P2E based on solid gameplay can be
called true P2E. K3K provides users with a variety of
strategies and game environments by combining the subject
matter of the Three Kingdoms and the SLG genre. By using a
well-known IP and supporting Free to Play, the previously
difficult barrier to entry for P2E has been reduced. Owning
the NFT allows you to access more content and maximize
your reward efficiency.

Reasonable Burn Model &
Healthy Tokenomics

The Existing GAME IP is not used. All elements of K3K were planned and constructed from the very beginning according to the blockchain ecosystem. Tokenomics is sustainable when it is accompanied by a reasonable supply, diverse burn model, and an appropriate circulation structure. It will become a unique P2E project with the establishment and implementation of clear standards for token supply and distribution.

Challenge Circle


We are one team.
We look to the future.
We take on bold challenges.
We believe that trust starts with people.


Albert Lee

Team Mega CEO

Operate a Trade & IT company for 10 years
Operate ‘Metaverse TV’ YouTube Channel

Technical Director

David Lee

Team Mega Technical Leader
System design & SW development
for 12 years

Planning Director

Jack Lee

Marketing & Planning
Tokenomics Design

Technical Advisor


Founding member of BaeDalTong
App & Web development for 12 years
Operate a Web Agency Company
for 5 years

P2E Manager

S.H. Moon

20 years of experience in the game industry
Representative of the ‘Gegimo’ community
Grand Prize at the Information and
Communication Ministerial Game
Production Contest
AGC Amateur Game Production
Competition Grand Prize

Chief Producer

S.C. Kang

15 years of experience in the game industry
Netmarble Marvel Future Revolution
Level Design

Dev. Team Leader

S.W. Jung

14 years of experience in the game industry
Main development of screen baseball 'Ace’
Athena development manager

Lead Program

S.J. Choi

20 years of experience in the game industry
Main development of mobile tile hero
Burst Run Main Development


S.H. Kong

GGOONS/Random Monster Defense/AD
Game Art for 9 years



K3K Parts Illustration
Game Art for 3 years



K3K Parts Illustration
Game Art for 2 years


H.S. Jo

K3K Community Manager

AD Team Leader

H. S. Han

10 years of experience in the game industry
- Development 3 Team / AD
Webtoon Artist Award/Activity


J. W. Bae

5 years of experience in the game industry
Bucket Play / Swing Dunk / Artist


S. Ahn

2 years of experience in the game industry
Wenori/VR project/ Programmer

Marketing Manager

Nadja Kley

Global marketing & Digital marketing

Marketing Manager
(Asia Pacific)

Dicky Hasanudin

Former NFT community
moderator & Brand consultant

Web Developer

Ake Saputra Hervin Guslika

Crypto Enthusiast
10 years of web development experience


Muhammad Choirul Anas

experience in the game industry
ecosystem advisor

Working with us