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Game Overview

K3K (K - 3 Kingdoms) is a P&E(Play & Earn) blockchain game in the SLG(Simulation Game) genre based on the IP of Three Kingdoms which is the Eastern millennium classic. Players can become monarchs in the K3K world, grow their own territories, produce resources, and combine their own teams by recruiting attractive heroes. Based on it, you can participate in two seasonal game modes, which are ranking competition (PvP) and power competition (MMO), and enjoy battles in that strategy is emphasized.

Personal Territory

Monarchs produce five kinds of resources to build or upgrade buildings, produce troops to fight, and strengthen combat powers by upgrading major branches such as cavalry and archers with one territory
Territory is a national power. With well-grown territories, you can maintain large numbers of troops, use strong combat powers, and win competitions with other monarchs.


K3K's characters are set up as heroes based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and each character has a rating, stats, unique skills, and characteristics.
Warriors can be obtained by paying points in the in-game Gacha system, and legend heroes can be obtained through individual transactions in OpenSea.
Each general is divided into intrepid, tactician, assistant, and all-round ones according to the combat style, and all characters can grow to their limits through promotion and level-up.
There are various reinforcing and sniper effects depending on the side, style, and actual events in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Strategic Element

A combination of five elements: general, troops, branch, position, skills!
Build up your territory to produce troops at the recruiting station and to increase your defensive power through watchtower and military bands.
Strengthen generals through promotion and level-up.
Setting up a combination of generals considering the unique characteristics of the generals, and strategic positioning in anticipation of opponents are keys to victory.
Well-selected skills to target enemy weaknesses during combat will further increase your chances of winning

Seasonal System

K3K is basically adopting a seasonal system.
Battling with other monarchs, the higher you rank, the more rewards you can get.
When the new season begins, the territory and record will be initialized and proceed from scratch.
Even if the new season begins, obtained generals will be maintained. The more powerful generals you have, the more favorably you can lead the game.

Game Mode

Internal affairs mode
In the internal affairs mode, you can grow your own territory and produce resources by becoming a monarch. Produce troops from grown territories and upgrade branches. Complete your own team by combining generals, troops, and branches.

Competition mode
Organize your own unit for attack and defense in the competition mode. The character synergy considering its unique characteristics and unit position are an indispensable element in K3K's strategy. Grasping characteristics of the enemy and predicting the position of the enemy unit, deploy the units so that ally units can show their best combat powers.

Faction war mode
Expand your territory and win a victory by working with your guild in the faction war mode. You can contribute to the guild’s victory by taking a good look at the situation on the battlefield and leading your troops.



We believe that gaming will be the most powerful medium.


We will create a world that infinitely connects the moments of
entertainment that fans experience by creating, expanding, and
reinventing unparalleled creative outcomes based on originality,
constant challenge spirit, and our technology.


At the place, we will complete, we will meet with everyone.


Active use of NFTs

K3K (K-3Kingdoms) is a P2E NFT project that uses 100 hand-drawn Three Kingdoms commanders, and all NFT commanders are actively used in K3K games. We intend to use various elements such as skills, items, and theme-skins in addition to commanders by using NFTs, with the goal of achieving true harmony between NFTs and games.

Excellent Game Performance
Low Barriers to Entry

P2E is a GAME. Only P2E based on solid gameplay can be
called true P2E. K3K provides users with a variety of
strategies and game environments by combining the subject
matter of the Three Kingdoms and the SLG genre. By using a
well-known IP and supporting Free to Play, the previously
difficult barrier to entry for P2E has been reduced. Owning
the NFT allows you to access more content and maximize
your reward efficiency.

Reasonable Burn Model &
Healthy Tokenomics

The Existing GAME IP is not used. All elements of K3K were planned and constructed from the very beginning according to the blockchain ecosystem. Tokenomics is sustainable when it is accompanied by a reasonable supply, diverse burn model, and an appropriate circulation structure. It will become a unique P2E project with the establishment and implementation of clear standards for token supply and distribution.

Challenge Circle